Wholesalers WeChat website

WeChat is becoming an important method for Chinese users to place orders. Through ULTRADE WeChat website, the retailers can place orders by scanning QR code of the products, the wholesalers can send news of new container arrivals or promotions, and the they can communicate by sending instant messages.

Wholesalers PC/mobile phone website

ULTRADE has different user interfaces for PC and mobile phone, which are more user friendly. The retailers can place orders through the websites more conveniently and accurately.

Wholesalers ERP system

ULTRADE ERP system includes modules of purchasing, warehousing, sales, accounting etc. The systems can generate purchase orders intelligently according to the stock and sales. The warehouse staff can work on mobile equipment, and improve their efficiency. The system can provide different data reports and optimize the operational decisions.

Retailers POS/stock management system

ULTRADE POS system and stock management system are integrated, and connected to the database of the suppliers. The system can generate purchase orders intelligently according to the stock and sales, and send the orders to suppliers’ ordering systems directly. The retailers can manage their stock by using mobile equipment.

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Founded in 2017, ULTRADE is a global B2B trading platform serving the small and medium sized wholesalers and retailers in consumer goods industries.
ULTRADE helps the users build their sales websites and enterprise management systems, and connects the suppliers and clients together. Through ULTRADE, the suppliers and clients can interchange data, thus improving the whole supplier chain efficiency.
ULTRADE keeps continuous innovation in information technology and provide long term IT services to users.

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